Registry Cleaner compatible with Windows 7 and VistaWindows 7 and Windows Vista are among the latest operating-systems in the world which are serving many people each day. But, they have a major problem and that lies in their registry. This part of your system is the reason behind many typical Windows 7 and Vista problems, like a slow PC as well as consistent errors. And to repair them, you just have to use a registry cleaner. However, which registry cleaner is the best for the said operating systems?

Though you can find lots of registry cleaners out there, only some can work well on these two operating systems. They have all been made to perform the exact same job, which is to clean out a section of your operating system called the registry, a very important part of Windows which is keeping a lot of info as well as tools for your computer.

Unluckily, the Windows registry is prone to getting corrupted, making your computer slow and have the errors. And this is a major problem because the more you use your computer, the more the Windows registry will become corrupted, making it run with even more problems. And as what I’ve said, you have to use a registry cleaner to get into the registry and fix any of the corrupted sections which are in there. But, not all registry cleaners are worth using on Windows 7 and Vista because these two operating systems are advanced so they need a registry cleaner that can thoroughly scan all the errors in their registry, especially the latest ones.

Now the problem with most of the existing registry cleaners today is that they cannot determine the most recent problems of Windows 7 and Vista; they can’t even scan properly the whole Windows registry. What happens with low quality registry cleaners is they just end up determining “healthy” sections of the registry as corrupt. Meaning, they will end up trying to clean files that don’t need touching. This is a major problem since they can damage crucial “system files”, that tell your PC how to boot up & log you in, hence making your computer permanently damaged.

The best registry cleaner is the one that fixes all of the real registry problems in the most secured way. There are only some cleaners that do this well, one of those is the RegCure. You can try them out by using their free trials and from that, you can decide which registry cleaner is the best for your operating system.

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