uniblue registry booster free, Free RegCure DownloadUniBlue is a firm which has created some PC utilities over the years, and Registry Booster is one of them that constantly cleans PC registry up to this time. But is Uniblue Registry Booster free or not at all? Read this post to find out.

If you’re after for simplicity of use, this is what you’ll get with Registry Booster. When you downloaded, added it on your PC, and run the registry tool, you can find that its user interface has a few buttons which are designed for easy scanning. The only control button you have to look often is the “start scan” button.

When you click the “start scan” button, the software will start cleaning your PC’s registry for any data files that must be removed or are not necessary anymore. Live information is provided to you in the Registry Booster main window so you can view the scan progress. In the registry scanning process, Registry Booster maintains a count of how many registry issues, damaged files, or unwanted files that you can securely delete from your PC.

A lot of programs have the settings section wherein you can set whether you want the software to automatically run or not when you start your PC. UniBlue Registry Booster has the same functions though it provides you more control over the program settings.

UniBlue Registry Booster is still a good registry tool but the main problem with this software is its price. It will cost you $29.95 to download its activation key or serial number for the software’s full version and this is quite costly considering that there are other many cheaper and more effective registry cleaners on the market. One of those is the RegCure.

In the latest review, the best product: RegCure was the favorite of the many PC users because it has automatic scanning capability for your PC registry, it is extremely cheap when compared with its competitors, it comes with cash back guarantee and it even gives the customers the opportunity to test it out before purchase. It certainly gives much better results than any other registry tool.

I say, opting for this registry repair tool will be worthwhile, why? Read this honest review for RegCure or perform a registry scan for FREE using RegCure, click here.