Free RegCure Registry Cleaner DownloadIf your PC is sluggish or you are encountering error messages or pop ups frequently, or if your PC just sometimes shuts down while you are doing something, then you should think about getting a registry cleaner, but the question is which registry cleaner is the best for your PC? If you want to know, then better read this post.

First, let me say, that I considered almost anything with a doubtful eye. UniBlue Registry Booster and RegCure was no exception to this. I actually did doubt if these two can do the things that were actually seen as time consuming or hard to do manually; or whether or not it could harm my PC by any means. But, there is really no way to know other than checking them out, so I did try these two.

Well, Registry Booster is user friendly from the start. It was simple to install and it worked well without any problems at all. When the software program is installed, it is actually handy. The user interface is appealing and this is divided into tabs.

Registry Booster is not an absolutely free bit of software, however much it would appear like it could be. You can test the software program for free and it will let you fix 15 errors, but this isn’t enough. So to unlock the full version of the registry cleaner, you’ll have to download a serial number for Registry Booster 2010 or 2011 (whatever Registry Booster version you have) from its official website in which you will pay a certain amount of money. Do not rely much on the serial number generated by a keygen.

The best function of Registry Booster is its capability to scan instantly. The last time I performed a very similar scan, it appeared as if it will take forever to complete it, but this one was simple and quick. The software scanned, cleaned, fixed, and defragged my Windows registry quickly. Unfortunately, it seemed that not all registry errors were fixed by this software, so I tried RegCure.

After I had a scan test with RegCure, I had a much better results. My PC is behaving like it did when I took it out of the package two years ago. Now which registry cleaner is best? I say, it’s RegCure. No wonder why it is among the leading brands of registry tools in the market nowadays.

If you are asking why RegCure is the best, then read this — > Complete RegCure Review, or much better download the RegCure for FREE and have a free registry scan using it, click here.

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