Regcure Pro Smashes Registry Reviver Hands Down.

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Registry Reviver is another one of those registry software products that claim to speed up your computer, fix error and stop crashes, however can it really do what the manufacturers claim?

One thing I know about registry software products is that they do give you the software for free so that you can see whether or not the product will find and or fix problems on your computer. If you find and error which invariably you will then they give you the option to buy the actually product. These product are usually referred to is trial versions. From there you get the option to purchase the full software product.

A long with purchasing the full version you get access to a license key from the supplier and once you have entered this into the software you are able to fix your computer. Now note, some people think that you only have to run the program once and then your computer would be fixed forever, however, every time you use your computer it potentially deletes entries in the registry settings etc, thereby once again potentially slowing down your computer again. Which is why once you purchase the software you can and should run the software on an on-going basis to ensure your system is optimized.

Some people think that they can download the software product for free and then just search for a key generator or license key to activate there software, however, beware of these type of programs because they are usually filled with viruses or trojans.

Registry Reviver might be regarded as a good registry cleaner, however in my experience nothing comes close to Regcure. In a comparative study with other registry cleaner products Regcure was found to have picked up up to 50% more issues on your computer.

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