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The RegCure software by ParetoLogic is undoubtedly typically the most popular registry cleaning software in the marketplace today. But like a consumer, you do not really worry about recognition. You worry about results. Will Regcure really deliver on it’s promises? Will it really make your PC quicker and more stable by repairing a corrupt windows registry?

We made the decision to check RegCure extensively, making our findings openly obtainable in this review.

Our testing atmosphere

We did our tests on the pretty fast machine. However, this PC had Windows Vista installed for more than a year, and also the system was getting pretty slow about the uptake most likely because of numerous registry errors. An ideal candidate for testing RegCure to determine how well it works!

How thorough is RegCure in discovering Registry problems?

When you initially launch RegCure, it’ll offer to instantly scan your PC’s Registry for errors for example orphaned records, invalid products, along with other garbage that slows lower your machine. To be honest, i was surprised about the amount of problems RegCure could identify. With our testing PC, Regcure identified 827 problems, including invalid DLL files, missing application cutting corners, empty registry secrets and much more.

Is RegCure fast in discovering Registry problems?

RegCure works remarkably fast, especially thinking about how deeply it scans your Registry for potential problems. The first scan we performed was carried out under 2 minutes, and came back 827 Registry errors.

How effective is Regcure in really correcting the registry errors it finds?

Here’s an area that possibly needs a little of improvement. From 827 errors we found, RegCure could fix 814 about the first take. Once we carried out another scan, we still found 13 additional problems. However, RegCure could effectively fix them on the second take.

Did RegCure make our laptop faster?

Before we performed an in-depth registry scan using Regcure, and glued all errors, our Vista laptop required 2 . 5 minutes as well — pretty sluggish with this fast machine.

After RegCure fixed all Registry errors, the beginning up time for Vista Ultimate reduced to at least one minute and around 10 secs, a remarkable 154% improvement in Home windows boot up time. Obviously, i was pretty pleased with the exam results, and can continue using RegCure on our machines to determine how well it works on the different hardware and various Vista versions.

To know why RegCure is the best, read our honest RegCure review or you can just download it for free, just CLICK HERE.

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