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Cleaning your Windows registry is among the quickest ways to get a performance boost for your PC, but do you know the risks in using a fake RegCure serial to unlock the popular registry repair tool in the market? This post will reveal the risks involved with using an unauthorized keygen to acquire a license key for RegCure and this will give you the important information you need to make sure that your PC stays virus free and completely optimized.

A quick search online will highlight how popular RegCure has turned out to be since its release in 2006. The registry cleaner has exceeded the overall performance of all its competitors at each level of PC cleaning and optimization. However with its success, brings in a small group of marketers who have specifically targeted people searching for working serial numbers to unlock the said registry cleaner. People looking for RegCure serials, RegCure cracks, and RegCure serial number are downloading a program generally known as keygen which they hope will give them a working serial so they can avoid paying for the software program.

But in the process of launching the software, the keygen will also install malicious software and in some instances, it has been reported that it contains spyware and web browser hijackers. These rouge software will install in the background and the user will not suspect anything untoward has happened.

Remember when you have a serial for RegCure 1.5 it won’t work on the latest version of the program. Although some computer users know about these keygens they are still willing to risk damaging their PCs in the search for a free RegCure serial key code.

Even after installing the fake RegCure serial, are you aware that it can be traced back to the PC by the software developers? So to be safe, it’s best to go for RegCure original serial key and the best way to obtain it is to download the RegCure software from an authorized site where you can run the scan for free.

You can download legit RegCure software and its license key – here.

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