Advanced Registry Optimizer 2011 Review

There are a number of registry optimizers in the market place today. We have reviewed a number of what we term “registry cleaners”. An overview of some of the top registry cleaners in the market place today can be found here.

Advanced Registry Optimizer is not only a registry cleaner, but more of as the name suggests an optimizer. They claim to remove viruses, adware and malware easily and efficiently. But is that all they are good for?

Advanced Registry Optimizer was developed by Sammsoft. Sammsoft is owned by, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRT).

Ok, so lets check out some of the features ARO has and you be the judge as to whether it might be useful to you.

Here are some of the features that Advance Registry Optimizer can do.

1) Improve your NTFS performance
There is a setting in ARO that you can check that will optimize the way your system handles file access. Simply put, if you you have a lot of media or pictures on your PC this feature will help to speed up the delivery of the pictures or video to your screen.

2) Improve The Core Operating System Performance
ARO re-allocates information in your physical RAM so that it stores only those drivers that are regularly used. This frees up precious physical memory for the drivers that do the majority of the work thereby optimizing the kernels performance.

3) Increase The CPU Priority
By default Windows will evenly allocate CPU used evenly among software programs. By setting this feature on ARO it allows you to re-allocate CPU to the software programs that need it the most.

4) Increase maximum CPU threads
If you have ever had an instance where your CPU usage skyrocketed to full capacity and then just sat there, then this feature would be useful for you. You can literally increase the maximum thread count thereby improving your PC’s performance.

5) Speed Up windows startup
Ever experienced a time where when you start up your PC it almost takes a lifetime for it to startup? Then this feature will squeeze the time frame down by grouping the startup files in one cluster on your hard drive. This will speed up the time it takes for Windows to startup because all the needed files are in one spot instead of being spread out across your hard drive.

Advanced Registry Optimizer appears to be quite a useful tool. Not only does it clean up your registry, but it also provides some really nice features in speeding up your slow PC.


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