uninstall registry booster, Regcure downloadUniBlue Registry Booster is a software program that cleans up the PC regardless of what Windows versions (Xp, Vista, or Windows 7) it has. It works like an automotive mechanic for a busted car. It is a recommended application by most sites and it is helpful for the PC.

But, because everything changes, there have been a lot of developments made. These days, you can find lots of Windows registry mechanics as well as boosters readily available for free download on the web. Highly updated versions of software program are now being used and therefore, UniBlue Registry Booster experiences a blow here since it is not that highly advanced. So if you realized that Registry Booster is not the registry cleaner for your PC, then here’s how you can uninstall Registry Booster.

Go to “start” and select “control panel”. In the “control panel”, you can find the option “add or remove programs”, select that option. Then a list of all installed applications on your system will be displayed either chronologically or alphabetically. You should select “UniBlue Registry Booster” and click the “remove” button. At the last part of the uninstalling process, click on ‘finish” and the removal of the application will be completed. One last purpose is yet to be served; that is to reboot your PC to completely remove the remains of the software.

By simply following the mentioned steps, UniBlue Registry Booster will be completely removed from your system. Once you have removed the UniBlue Registry Booster and you still want to try out other registry cleaners for your PC; then don’t look further because there is RegCure.

RegCure is better than the UniBlue Registry Booster and it is one of the most preferred products in the registry tools market. In fact, after I performed a scan test with RegCure, I had better results using it.

If you are wondering why RegCure is the best, then you should read this — > Complete RegCure Review. Or better download the RegCure free version and have a free registry scan with it, click here.