how to clean virus from computer, Free RegCure DownloadIs your computer always displaying the blue screen of death, or is it functioning slow and crashing often? Well you know what, this is the scenario that happens to a lot of computer users and because of this you should learn how to clean your computer registry. The three reasons below are generally the major factors behind computer errors and slowdowns.

Spy Ware

Computers which are usually connected to the internet will probably have spy ware on them. These are software programs which online sites install to your computer while you are browsing the net and this spy ware has a negative impact towards your computer so you need to remove it. All you have to do here is to download a spy ware cleaner and run the software. Eliminate all the spyware on your computer and you can certainly expect your computer to run faster after that.


This is another root cause of computer troubles, even though it is not that common. If you think that your computer has been affected with a virus, you must find a good anti-virus program to clean the virus from your computer. Perform a virus scan to all your documents and data files, particularly the ones which you have downloaded online. This includes data files such as your movie or game downloads, as well as your email attachments.

Registry Problems

Computer issues and slow performance are also brought about by registry errors. The registry keys in your computer determine how the software and hardware must run, and the possibility that errors may arise in the registry are high, particularly for users who have made use of their computers for a year. So it is very important to regularly clean your computer registry to make sure that your computer works in a good manner. You can safely perform it with the aid of a registry cleaner.

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