how do i fix my registry, RegCure free downloadIt’s a very common situation: a PC less than one year old is functioning slower and slower as time passes. Every fifteen minutes a runtime error comes up, disrupting your work. Slowly and gradually the PC starts to crash or freeze and then the blue screen of death appears.

Unluckily for the majority of Windows users, this is all very common. One of the most common reasons behind a slow, error-filled PC is a damaged registry.

What Is A Windows Registry?

The registry is an important part of an operating system. This is why problems as well as outdated data entries may cause such damage. It functions like a big filing cabinet in which software, PC drivers, or even the operating-system itself keeps essential configurations files and user preference. Each time a new software program is added, for instance, it writes to the Windows registry. But, the problems begin to accumulate when software programs are removed. Sometimes the removal is not complete, and entries remain in a corrupted state. This may cause problems for the PC. Because people often install and un-install new PC drivers as well as programs, registry problems are a well known problem.

So How Do I Fix My Registry Problem On My Computer?

The very first thing to know is that attempting to repair the Windows registry on your own may lead to a bigger problem. So don’t perform that! Leave that to the PC geeks who really know what they’re carrying out. Fortunately for us typical PC users, there is certainly a good solution. Registry cleaners are special software which can scan your Windows registry within seconds, determine the undesirable registry keys, and fix them. Good software will instantly backup your Windows registry, but we tell you to perform a manual back-up too (this is a good preventive measure for any primary update or change to the PC).

What Is The Best Registry Cleaner?

We recommend RegCure by ParetoLogic. It is inconspicuous software which has a very simple and a intuitive interface. Its scan took two minutes, and the results were so great.

For an honest review on the top registry repair tool available, check out our RegCure review or you may download its free version, click here.

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