computer clean up, RegCure downloadComputer clean up is necessary if your computer is functioning slow or has undesirable pop-ups, blue screen, freezing issues, and system crashes. But how can you perform a computer clean up? Well, you can perform a computer clean up yourself through following the three tips below.

Tip No. 1: Perform a Disk Cleanup. Head to “start”, then go to “my computer”. After a window opens up, right click the disk drive C: and choose “properties”. In general, click “disk cleanup”. Then you will see a pop-up Window saying that the “the disk clean up is determining the amount of disk space you can free on disk drive C. This can take some minutes to be completed” when it is done, you will see one more Window showing the amount of space you are able to free. After seeing that, click OK to finish.

Tip No. 2: Remove unnecessary software. Head to “start”, select “control panel”, then click “add or remove programs”. Run a software program (like IE) to check out the results of the cleanup.

Tip No. 3: Use the registry to clean up your computer. When you have tried out the mentioned tips and your computer remains to be slow or has several unanticipated errors then it is time to use a commercial registry utility to perform a computer clean up.

Now which registry to use? There are many registry cleaners on the internet. Some are free and some are professional registry cleaners, but which one to prefer between free and professional registry cleaners? Well, you must opt for the professional registry repair tools that are quite effective in cleaning out the Windows registry but do not cost you a lot.

One professional registry cleaner that you need to try is RegCure. It is among the best registry tool according to the latest surveys and it’s even the computer users’ most preferred tool in terms of cleaning up their computer’s registry because it’s very simple to use and it has established a name in the world of registry cleaning.

If you are still wondering if RegCure is a reliable registry cleaner, then you can go and read this complete RegCure Review or see what RegCure can do for your computer’s health, click here and try out a free registry scan with RegCure.