Is Ccleaner a Scam? To answer this question we must first delve into the software product itself to understand what it does and whether or not it achieves its goal.

Ccleaner is a freeware software product developed by Piriform a software company that resides in London, England. They have developed 4 products that focus preliminarily on increasing the performance of your PC.

CCleaner is such a product that optimizes your PC and will remove obsolete or unused files from your system which in turns enables Windows to run a whole lot faster. Apart from that it also filters out traces of online activity such as your Internet history adding an eliminate of privacy to your online experience. But on top of all that it provides a full featured registry cleaner which optimizes your registry settings.

Such its launch in 2004, the software has not had too many updates, which has meant that the product hasn’t been as good as it could be. However, the latest offerings from Piriform has seen a varst improvement in the product.

1. Drive wiping.
This feature allows you to wipe your hard-drive clean, giving you multiple options in terms of how many passes you want it to perform. Ccleaner 3 allows the user up to a 35-pass gutmann level deep scrubbing.

2. Selective Cookie Cleaning.
Ccleaner 3 nows allows you full control over what and how you optimize your system. Depending on your level of experience these features can be more of a pain than a feature, because it can
You can delete specific Internet cookies, across all different browser platforms including Firefox, IE, Chrome etc. Which means that you can get rid of the sites you don’t want to track you.

3. Bigger icons
There have been some small tweaks done to the icons in version 3 to make the icons a little more visible to the user.

4. Support more programs
Given Ccleaner hasn’t had a whole lot of changes since the previous version, it only stands to reason that version 3 now supports a lot more Windows programs that they used to which include Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage, AVG 2011, BitTorrent, Audacity etc.

5. Registry Cleaning
Ccleaner also cleans your Registry and like a number of other registry cleaner programs it can scan and delete unused entries quickly and efficiently. Not only that but it can also empty you recycling bin automatically, delete temporary files etc.

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