How To Get A Legit Copy Of Regcure

So if you want a legit copy of Regcure that is not out of date, and that will WORK 100% of the time then just BUY it.  I mean really … the time you spend trying to find valid cracks or license keys is a waste of time. I did exactly that and by the time I found a valid license key it was no longer valid. Just buy it and spend time on other projects.

It really does work!

Use the link below to get $10 off the price.

Just follow these steps.

1) Click on the picture below and fill in the form. Once you have this will allow you to get Regcure at the discounted rate.

2) Once you have done that you will see a coupon that you can apply to purchase Regcure.


NOTE:  I DO NOT know how long the coupon is going to last for. If the coupon is no longer valid please let me know so I can update this page.









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Ccleaner Review 2011, 5 Reasons To Download Ccleaner Piriform’s Freeware

Is Ccleaner a Scam? To answer this question we must first delve into the software product itself to understand what it does and whether or not it achieves its goal.

Ccleaner is a freeware software product developed by Piriform a software company that resides in London, England. They have developed 4 products that focus preliminarily on increasing the performance of your PC.

CCleaner is such a product that optimizes your PC and will remove obsolete or unused files from your system which in turns enables Windows to run a whole lot faster. Apart from that it also filters out traces of online activity such as your Internet history adding an eliminate of privacy to your online experience. But on top of all that it provides a full featured registry cleaner which optimizes your registry settings.

Such its launch in 2004, the software has not had too many updates, which has meant that the product hasn’t been as good as it could be. However, the latest offerings from Piriform has seen a varst improvement in the product.

1. Drive wiping.
This feature allows you to wipe your hard-drive clean, giving you multiple options in terms of how many passes you want it to perform. Ccleaner 3 allows the user up to a 35-pass gutmann level deep scrubbing.

2. Selective Cookie Cleaning.
Ccleaner 3 nows allows you full control over what and how you optimize your system. Depending on your level of experience these features can be more of a pain than a feature, because it can
You can delete specific Internet cookies, across all different browser platforms including Firefox, IE, Chrome etc. Which means that you can get rid of the sites you don’t want to track you.

3. Bigger icons
There have been some small tweaks done to the icons in version 3 to make the icons a little more visible to the user.

4. Support more programs
Given Ccleaner hasn’t had a whole lot of changes since the previous version, it only stands to reason that version 3 now supports a lot more Windows programs that they used to which include Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage, AVG 2011, BitTorrent, Audacity etc.

5. Registry Cleaning
Ccleaner also cleans your Registry and like a number of other registry cleaner programs it can scan and delete unused entries quickly and efficiently. Not only that but it can also empty you recycling bin automatically, delete temporary files etc.

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Registry Reviver Activation License Key

Regcure Pro Smashes Registry Reviver Hands Down.

RegCure-Pro-license Instant-Download_4

Registry Reviver is another one of those registry software products that claim to speed up your computer, fix error and stop crashes, however can it really do what the manufacturers claim?

One thing I know about registry software products is that they do give you the software for free so that you can see whether or not the product will find and or fix problems on your computer. If you find and error which invariably you will then they give you the option to buy the actually product. These product are usually referred to is trial versions. From there you get the option to purchase the full software product.

A long with purchasing the full version you get access to a license key from the supplier and once you have entered this into the software you are able to fix your computer. Now note, some people think that you only have to run the program once and then your computer would be fixed forever, however, every time you use your computer it potentially deletes entries in the registry settings etc, thereby once again potentially slowing down your computer again. Which is why once you purchase the software you can and should run the software on an on-going basis to ensure your system is optimized.

Some people think that they can download the software product for free and then just search for a key generator or license key to activate there software, however, beware of these type of programs because they are usually filled with viruses or trojans.

Registry Reviver might be regarded as a good registry cleaner, however in my experience nothing comes close to Regcure. In a comparative study with other registry cleaner products Regcure was found to have picked up up to 50% more issues on your computer.

See the full Regcure review

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My Clean Pc Does It Really Work Or A Scam? Quick Review My Clean PC

Is My Clean PC legit? Does it really work or is it just another scam on the internet. As it turns out after a little poking around on the internet it is not difficult to get the impression that My Clean Pc is basically the entry point for the company to get in and up sell you their other products and services.

You really don’t have to look far on the internet to see the evidence of this. I found complaint after complaint after complaint. Apparently what they try to do is to get you to purchase their product and then proceed to upgrade you to one of the more costly service agreements ranging from $199 through to $300.

Trying to cancel or uninstall their product has also proven to be difficult from what I have read.

Here is a screen shot of what some people are saying on TheComplaintsBoard

Disclaimer: I must say that I have not had any personal dealings with the manufactor of My Clean Pc and that this information has been obtained by searches on the internet.


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Is Advanced Registry Optimizer A Scam? We Review ARO.

Advanced Registry Optimizer 2011 Review

There are a number of registry optimizers in the market place today. We have reviewed a number of what we term “registry cleaners”. An overview of some of the top registry cleaners in the market place today can be found here.

Advanced Registry Optimizer is not only a registry cleaner, but more of as the name suggests an optimizer. They claim to remove viruses, adware and malware easily and efficiently. But is that all they are good for?

Advanced Registry Optimizer was developed by Sammsoft. Sammsoft is owned by Support.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRT).

Ok, so lets check out some of the features ARO has and you be the judge as to whether it might be useful to you.

Here are some of the features that Advance Registry Optimizer can do.

1) Improve your NTFS performance
There is a setting in ARO that you can check that will optimize the way your system handles file access. Simply put, if you you have a lot of media or pictures on your PC this feature will help to speed up the delivery of the pictures or video to your screen.

2) Improve The Core Operating System Performance
ARO re-allocates information in your physical RAM so that it stores only those drivers that are regularly used. This frees up precious physical memory for the drivers that do the majority of the work thereby optimizing the kernels performance.

3) Increase The CPU Priority
By default Windows will evenly allocate CPU used evenly among software programs. By setting this feature on ARO it allows you to re-allocate CPU to the software programs that need it the most.

4) Increase maximum CPU threads
If you have ever had an instance where your CPU usage skyrocketed to full capacity and then just sat there, then this feature would be useful for you. You can literally increase the maximum thread count thereby improving your PC’s performance.

5) Speed Up windows startup
Ever experienced a time where when you start up your PC it almost takes a lifetime for it to startup? Then this feature will squeeze the time frame down by grouping the startup files in one cluster on your hard drive. This will speed up the time it takes for Windows to startup because all the needed files are in one spot instead of being spread out across your hard drive.

Advanced Registry Optimizer appears to be quite a useful tool. Not only does it clean up your registry, but it also provides some really nice features in speeding up your slow PC.


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Registry Clean Review | Registry Cleaner Reviews Freeware

registry clean review, RegCure Free downloadWe make a lot of changes to the PC registry by just performing normal, daily tasks on the PC and that causes your registry to be bloated with unnecessary and damaged data files that can cause major problems on your PC. But you know you can avoid that by just using a registry repairing software. This is the simplest tool to fix this problem and we will discuss this software program in our registry cleaner review.

The registry repairing software checks the registry, finds the unnecessary or damaged data files, and fixes your PC registry by wiping out or repairing the unwanted files in it. But how will you find the best program for your Windows Xp, Vista or Windows 7 system? Read this registry cleaner review to find out. (continue reading…)

Clean PC Freeware | Clean My PC Freeware

clean pc freeware, Regcure Free DownloadA clean Windows registry in your PC is important for you to perform all of your tasks that require the use of a PC. Now to keep your PC registry clean, you have to acquire a software registry cleaner – will it be a PC cleaner freeware or a paid one.

Windows registry keeps each change and alteration that you apply to your hardware or software settings. Now some alteration in your registry keys will often leave orphaned or corrupted entries. These data entries are not needed by the PC to run, so having them kept in your PC’s registry only clogs up the whole system. Without a software program to delete the clutter in your registry, the PC’s system becomes burdened with unwanted data files resulting to poor performance. (continue reading…)

Learn How To Clean PC For Free | Registry Repair Software Download

clean pc for free, RegCure Free DownloadCleaning up your PC is very important. Ignoring this task may cause some problems with your PC’s overall performance. It may cause the PC to slow down making both its processing and response time to your commands drastically slower. A congested registry may also cause major errors or even PC crashes. That is why you need to regularly clean up your PC’s registry.

The typical PC user should clean the Windows registry at least once a month. If you share a PC with the whole household you must do it more regularly. With the number of times you need to do it as the PC’s workload increases, you may be wondering “can I clean up my PC for free?”

Well yes! In fact, I clean my PC for free and I have constantly done so. There are basically two ways (continue reading…)

Windows RegClean | Registry Cleaner Free Download For Microsoft Windows Xp and Vista

windows regclean, Free RegCure DownloadWill RegClean work nicely for Windows systems that unfortunately require a fix? In this article, we intend to respond to that question.

RegClean is a professional registry utility created by the 2Squared company. The computer registry is a big database that is present in XP, Vista and other Windows based OS. Now this registry maintains lots of vital data that your computer requires to function accordingly. So every time you command the computer to carry out a task, your computer’s OS continuously refers with the Windows registry, and as a result, new data are generally being put into the registry.

This happens every time the computer user adds a new software or hardware to his computer system, but it also happens when any new site is viewed. For this reason, the Windows registry continues to (continue reading…)

How To Clean Virus From Computer For Free?

how to clean virus from computer, Free RegCure DownloadIs your computer always displaying the blue screen of death, or is it functioning slow and crashing often? Well you know what, this is the scenario that happens to a lot of computer users and because of this you should learn how to clean your computer registry. The three reasons below are generally the major factors behind computer errors and slowdowns.

Spy Ware

Computers which are usually connected to the internet will probably have spy ware on them. These are software programs which online sites install to your computer while you are browsing the net and this spy ware has a negative impact towards your computer so you need to remove it. All you have to (continue reading…)

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    Common Windows Errors

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