windows registry editor 5, RegCure Free DownloadWondering how to back-up and restore Windows registry? Then there are actually two methods you can take.

Back-up Windows Registry With Windows registry editor 5

If you desire to figure out how to back-up Windows registry in particular entries of your PC, it will likely be simpler to download and use a Windows registry editor 5. But please be aware that this tool lets you change entries in the registry which is not suggested and can likely cause system data corruption. However, making a back-up using this tool is easy and fast if you happen to know what exactly you are doing.

One thing to take note when backing up data with Windows registry editor version 5.0 is that the back-up.reg file could be very big to be viewed with notepad or even Wordpad if you just back-up the entire registry in a single file. Notepad or Wordpad could just hang on you. Thus, the much better way is to back-up the individual folder or entries if you are using Windows registry editor.

Back-up Windows Registry With Registry Cleaner Software

If you would like to back-up Windows registry easily and restore it with a few clicks and also scan the registry for problems such as invalid or corrupted entries, then a registry cleaner is exactly what you need. Not only you can do back-up, you may also scan for errors in the registry that could or could not cause Windows to have problems or any performance issues. The software program is simple to use and it requires no technological skills.

Now when it comes to registry cleaners, I recommend to you the RegCure registry cleaner, because it’s among the top products on the registry cleaner market today. It thoroughly scans your Windows registry and repairs those errors quickly; it is an effective yet an affordable registry cleaner for your Windows registry errors.

If you are quite skeptical about RegCure, then read this — > Complete RegCure Review, or if you want to see for yourself what RegCure can do for you, then click here for a Free Scan